Who is tosca reno dating

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Reno linked to a post on her website where she confirmed, as pointed out by commenters, that it was RKP's parent company Canusa Products Inc. "It has been well-reported that the publishing industry has been hit hard in the last decade in the face of free digital access, resulting in a consistent sharp decline in sales of traditional print publishing," reads the post.

RKP, which produced popular magazine titles readers have commented that different magazine titles were owned by different entities at the time of the bankruptcy filing, whether Canusa, Robert Kennedy Publishing, or some other iteration, and that as such some properties would be up for sale.

Along the way he coined the term "hardcore bodybuilding," popularized the 'pre-exhaust' training concept, opened 26 fitness stores and helped place women's bodybuilding, and swimsuit modeling, in the spotlight of the stage and so much more. Many of his works were released under his father's name, Wolfgang Kals.

The Eat-Clean Diet was created by fitness model and magazine columnist Tosca Reno.

We have a lot of issues with copyright, and who owns what, so that might have to be sorted out first," said the rep.

Tosca was featured in a mini-reality series called Tosca: Flexing at 49Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.

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"We would be selling any assets of Canusa in order to build up the pot for the creditors…we just haven't started a sales process.

They're still looking at different ways of how they're going to do this.

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