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I know, I was behind he and Scott Baio through that whole days filming...(even got on the lobby card with that scene on it (in blue jacket)...... That Ames actor really made Baio look much taller than he is. I WAS AN EXTRA ON CHARLES IN CHARGE AND HE WAS AN INCH TALLER THAN ME AT 5-10. said on 29/Dec/06 You know, Scott overstating his height or lying about whether he is dating one girl or ten, while being married-maybe, doesn't surprise me. He was not 5'10", more like 5'8" (because she was 5'7" and WOULD NOT wear heels when she went out with him.). My past impression of Baio though, is still with me today, and it isn't good.He was mean to her, lied to her, and rude to all her friends. Julie from WI, Celebrity Nooz reported (but could not confirm)Scott married his longtime girlfriend, Janette Jonasson, in January of this year. Well, sorry that's not nice but he definitely was a player.LOL That is, until I saw him next to guesstar John Astin (5'11"), who was easily an inch or two taller.Now I see the 5'10 1/2" claim and think that probably means he's 5'9 1/2" barefoot since that height is probably in shoes-??The actor filed a police report in December over an alleged altercation with the wife of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's drummer Chad Smith at an elementary school function where both their children were in attendance.Smith's wife Nancy Mack reportedly began berating Baio and shouting 'grab em by the p***y', at at one point physically grabbed him, according to TMZ.Yet, as an adult, Moran would come to meet with serious hardships, including alcoholism and homelessness.reported that in 2010, Moran and her second husband, Steve Fleischmann, had their house foreclosed on, and later moved into a trailer park with Fleischmann’s mother.

I was an extra in "Zapped" and ,in the scene at the roulete table he was standing on a crate... i literally crashed into him at cedar sinai medical towers. On "CNC" he just seemed like a tall and lanky guy-- much taller than the other actors, who apparently must have just been short. SMALL ITALIAN GUY: SEE ALAN ALDA, DANNY AIELLO, SORVINO, ETC.

One user wrote, “I hope your happy Scott for not helping out Erin Moran who passed away today, you heartless SOB,” while another tweeted, “Erin Moran died.

If it had to be Joanie or Chachi, I definitely would have preferred that the world lost Scott Baio.” But other users were quick to criticize the insensitivity of these comments, and pointed out that in this sad time following Moran’s passing, we ought to be respectful rather than incendiary.

But since Baio cut a controversial injury suggesting that his onetime girlfriend and co-star may have died last week as a consequence of drug and alcohol abuse, he has received flak from scores of fans and social media users.

Now, it would seem that the 56-year-old former teen idol is also facing the wrath of Moran’s family, most notably her older brother, actor and producer Tony Moran.

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