Who is linda evangelista dating

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I was obsessed with her and would spend my free time pouring over the countless editorials and advertisements starring the St.

Catharines–born stunner with the exotic bird-like looks.

It wasn’t until after Evangelista’s lucrative contract with L’Oreal ended in 2010 that she needed his contributions, he said.

“She is not looking to piggyback her lifestyle on Mr. “She is looking to continue the lifestyle that Augie’s had.” Pinault, who has a daughter with Hayek, is willing to support Augie — but not Evangelista, his lawyer, David Aronson, said.

“He suggested she terminate the pregnancy,” attorney William Beslow said.Augustin was born in October 2006 – more than eight months after Francois-Henri separated from Linda, and around the time he started dating Salma. It was only in July of this year that Francois-Henri was revealed to be Augustin's father.In numerous interviews, Linda had described the man who fathered her son as a "New York architect".I didn’t know some of this – apparently, shortly after Francois-Henri Pinault dumped her (when she was pregnant) for Salma Hayek, Linda began a relationship with Peter Morton, a billionaire famous for the Hard Rock Café amongst other ventures.Peter and Linda were together through her pregnancy and beyond – they were together, all told, for more than six years. After winning one of the biggest settlements of all time in her child-support battle with François-Henri Pinault, supermodel Linda Evangelista doesn’t need to rely on her Hard Rock billionaire boyfriend Peter Morton.

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