Who is chandler massey dating

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Caption: Chandler Massey as Will and Freddie Smith as Sonny from Days Of Our Lives: Shower Scene (Published on February 15, 2013) But what the people are missing is the fact that he has a long run girlfriend-turned-fiance in his life.His partner is none other than Addicts Anonymous actress Alyssa Tabit.Today, we take a look at his relationship and address the issue they were tangled in before.Freddie is a famous and pivotal character in the hit series, "Days of Our Lives." He plays "Sonny Kiriakis" in the very series and has played the role with such precision that people often term him a real life gay as well.Massey exited the studio sans fanfare — no farewell party, no goodbyes, no nothing — and sources close to the young actor say he was devastated and in tears. Word about Massey's abrupt dismissal quickly reached controversial actor Charlie Sheen — the two share a friendship and a publicist, Jeff Ballard — and it caused Sheen to go on a Twitter rampage where he stated, in part, "hey 'Days of our Lives' producers — now your show REALLY sux!! Meanwhile, chiefs were blindsided by his news and that they decided to blindside him back with an early exit. Technically, yes, since he will not be paid for the final 13 weeks of his contract. )Regarding Sheen's outburst, Ballard says, "Charlie was just defending a friend.It’s been my privilege and honor to work there.’ The actor added: ‘I’m appreciative for Days and NBC for letting me out of my contract early so I can go and pursue these opportunities that I have not been able to pursue before.’ It was after his second Emmy win that Massey first indicated that he would not be staying on the show beyond his current four-year contract which ended in December 2013.Days of Our Lives producers had initially said the role would not be recast.

“I’m excited to get the material out there so that he can talk about it and I can talk about it and he’s onscreen. The movie follows 16-year old tennis ace, Ally Mash (Shaw), she lives and breathes the game until a twisted ankle lands her with hot rookie, Farrell Gambles (Massey).While recovering, she helps make him a champion and he shows her what true “Love” is.If a suitable replacement has been found, why not make the switch sooner rather than later and let the fans begin their period of adjustment?And why waste money on a holding deal with the new guy?

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