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In addition to normal charges, the name will be published in the local newspaper. Connorsville, Wisconsin: It's against the law for a man to shoot off a gun when his female partner has an orgasm.9.

Utah: Sex with an animal — unless performed for profit — is not considered sodomy and therefore is legal.10.

Cottonwood, Arizona: Couples having sex in a vehicle with flat wheels will be fined.

The fine will be doubled if the sex occurs in the backseat.4.

adapted from Land Transport Authority (LTA, Singapore) In the midst of high growing demand for taxi services, the Comfort Delgro Group revised its taxi fare structure to better match supply.

The new fare structure comprises of widening the peak hour surcharge from 6am to am in the morning in contrast with the usual 7am to am.

Read more about Comfort Delgro revising Taxi Fare Structure..Rising numbers of "missing women" around the world are leading to increased cases of sex trafficking and rape, with excesses of restless, unmarried men expected to worsen societal violence.But sex selection isn't something that only happens in foreign countries like India or China.Emails from nigeria or indonesia claims to need money to free up her late fathers gem investments (family run gem trading business).The problem seems to be the indonesian gov't has a (tax) lien on the gems (worth 2.35 million). she is asking for money to complete that and then come to me and be my (wife).

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