Web service reference not updating

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This post is focused on the last of these three options.When adding a service reference, Visual Studio presents you with a dialog box which allows you some level of control over the proxy being generated.

You will also see some best practices you can adopt when designing contracts. The first step you will take when creating a WCF service is to create the contract, starting with the service contract. Run the application and confirm it works as expected.Now that you know that the client config file can have multiple configuration endpoints, how would you use them? If you take a look at the proxy code that gets generated for you when you (this is in the file when you use the ‘show all files’ option in VS) you’ll notice that the constructor for Hello World Service is overloaded to allow and endpoint configuration, or optionally explicit binding/endpoint address information.It’s the former that will make this easier for you.NET services, but in most other cases I sincerely recommend the manual approach.In this article I’m only going to tell you have, if you need more information check Miguel A.

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