Weather not updating

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As I already mentioned, I'm using a Motorola Nexus 6 with stock Android 6.0.1 on it.I have all the latest version of the Android version for my phone, and have installed all security patches.Of late, there are many complications faced by users for weather app on their Apple Watches.We have received many questions like Apple Watch not updating weather or Apple Watch weather app complications or Apple Watch weather app not working.Here are a few reasons why this might not happen: The weather updates come to your phone that will then send them to your watch.

Apart from this, you can also delete unnecessary data if your i Phone memory is getting full.But because there were some problems with applications I use daily, I reverted back to my old Android 6.0.1 build. Maybe something with battery optimizations or something?I don't have to mention to you that widgets that aren't updating are very annoying.To check your internet connection, simply open your browser on your phone and go to any website or make a random search on google.If using mobile data, you have to make sure that the Vector App on your phone has permissions to use your 3G connection: On your phone, go to Settings / Mobile Data, scroll down to "Vector" and make sure that it is enabled.

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