Vista mce guide not updating

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As long as you have guide data, the DVR functionality within Media Center should continue to hum along as it has for over a decade.

Since the launch of the Xbox One console, it has included live TV control and an integrated EPG in some markets.

We were wrong, but that’s about to change for the better!

Windows Media Center has used Zap2It as it’s guide data source for years. It doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to use multiple providers to get essentially the same data, so starting today Microsoft is converging their guide data.

We don't yet know what Microsoft is planning as a replacement for Windows 10, but a recent alignment with the Xbox One might be the first clue.In a , some noted they were having issues getting an updated TV guide through Window Media Center.After a bit of research, it appears Microsoft recently altered the source for the programming guide.Update: When we initially posted this article it seemed like it would be mostly good news for Windows Media Center fans.However, a lot of people have had problems getting their guide data updated since the switch in providers.

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