Validating xml document in c

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The XML Schema processor for C supports the W3C XML Schema Recommendation.

This makes writing custom applications that process XML documents straightforward, and means that a standards-compliant XML Schema processor is part of the XDK on every operating system where Oracle is ported.

The streaming validator was introduced in 11g Release 1 (11.1).

It uses XML Events, which is a representation of an XML document that is similar to SAX Events. The producer drives the SAX events and the consumer drives the XML events.

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All you have to do is use a parser that has DTD validation enabled: option, which loads the DTD and weaves attribute default values into the document.The Xerces2-j parser may be obtained from the Xerces2-j page.Extract the Xerces-J-bin.2.5.0(for Windows) or Xerces-J-bin.2.5.0gz (for Unix) files to the installation directory of your choice.This tells XMLBlueprint to validate the XML Document against XML Schema "book.xsd".In this case, the XML Schema is to be found in the same folder as the XML Document.

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