Updating steam information

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is automatically applied at the "Press Start" screen when Borderlands 2 is connected to the internet.

In general, hot fixes are used to temporarily address issues between major updates.

Example: If you've completed all of 3-1, you will need to replay and win 3-1 once again to receive the entire reward pool. Golden Turd packs will contain cards that have traits that match with the current Battleground Effect. You can add it to your wishlist now and download it when it becomes available.

Some games are really good about it, others are not.

Once a player completes a section of a level, they will receive the reward listed in the pool as a guaranteed drop, but will not be able to obtain the reward again. [](https://cdn3.kongcdn.com/assets/files/0002/0239/IMG_0621. PNG) Players that complete the new Onyx difficulty will gain access to new grindable rewards, including Giggitywatts & Golden Turds. [](https://media.giphy.com/media/3og0IKkjg FL3y EBLw I/giphy.gif) A new currency is coming to Throwdown!

Players who have already completed the levels will have to play the levels once more in order to receive the rewards retroactively. Golden Turds are grindable Adventure currency that will allow you to buy Golden Turd packs! # **Skill Icon/Animation Update** You've already seen part of our updates to the skill Animations, but with the update some remaining skills and animations will receive a facelift. [](https://cdn3.kongcdn.com/assets/files/0002/0229/skillsbeforeandafter.png) And here is a video of some of the animations in action (a few raw cut videos of various skill animations): https://cdn1.kongcdn.com/assets/files/0002/0234/New Animation1_1.mp4 # **Steam Info** Animation Throwdown is coming to Steam next week.

As previously reported, those who already own the games on Steam will be automatically upgraded to the remastered versions upon launching the title.

It gets a bit tricky for those who purchased Bio Shock on disc.

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