Updating hacked psp firmware

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One is the temporary hack and other is the permanent one.

In temporary hack, PSP runs the custom firmware as long as its switched on/standby but after restarting it, things go back to default.

The permanent one on the other hand means that the fix will remain even after restarting the PSP.

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Also this firmware gained an huge success: it permitted to use the internal Sony Playstation emulator!This can include games developed with official development kits, such as Net Yaroze, Linux for Play Station 2 or Microsoft XNA. In Japan, these games are usually called "Dōjin soft".Homebrew games for older systems are typically developed using emulators for convenience, since testing them requires no extra hardware on the part of the programmer.Just right-click on the rmp_file and then choose Send To Desktop.This put a shortcut right on our Desktop that we can in turn rename and even change the icon for.

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