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In the film's most notorious, explicit and controversial scene of unsimulated fellatio at the finale, Bud and Daisy were in a starkly-white hotel room (soon-to-be-revealed as a fantasy masturbatory sequence) - both lonely and needy individuals who were attempting to connect and speak to each other.

Twice, she went to the bathroom to smoke crack cocaine.

While the facts of the crime were gruesome, the difficulty German prosecuters had in actually charging Mr.

Meiwes with ANY crime was the truly shocking part of the tale.

Police said a 'full investigation' is already underway into what is the third terror attack on British soil in three months.

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Medics wheeled away injured people on stretchers (bottom left) while crying people wrapped in foil blankets were evacuated from the 'horrific' scene as police widened the area around London Bridge that was cordoned off (top left last night and bottom right today).

Attackers shouted 'This is for Allah' after they mowed down up to 20 revellers in a white van hurtling across London Bridge at 50mph.

The gang, who were wearing fake suicide vests, stabbed a police officer on the bridge and then used 12-inch hunting knives to attack revellers at busy bars and restaurants in nearby Borough Market, in what authorities described as terrorist incidents.

See full summary » The twisted tale of Kenneth, socially insecure technical writer who forms an obsessive relationship with "Nikki", an anatomically accurate silicone sex doll he orders over the Internet. See full summary » An Interpol cop from Sydney, who has his own demons, pursues a man in the United States who liberates women from the cultural norms of thinness by feeding them to gross weights. The cop, Phillip Jackson, and his mark, Michael Metszencalmpf, are in a game of cat and mouse - but which is the cat?

He also shows their photographs to Internet subscribers. The "German Cannibal" scene at the start of the film is based on the real life case of Armin Meiwes, a 42 year old computer technician from Rotenburg, Germany, who caused a worldwide scandal in 2003, when it was reported that he had killed and partially ate 43 year old Bernd Brandes, an Engineer from Berlin.

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