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Today’s web offers more and more ways to connect to the world. You may have tried a few of them already; next time you’re stuck in the house – you’re under the weather; there’s bad weather; or you just can’t find something to do/someone to do it with – try these loneliness-busters.Recent statistics show that seniors are rapidly entering the social networks arena.After all, it’s the next best thing to face-to-face meetings and also saves time and money for businesses and organizations.But the ease and efficiency of live video often broadcasts bad impressions.It has to be emphasized that all grandparents expressed their gratitude and happiness for being part of this programme, while during the first Skype meeting they have also expressed their appreciation to the European Union for funding this type of programmes for senior-citizens.Loneliness can be debilitating, but a scaled down social life doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

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Lindsey Plewa-Schottland has coached hundreds of students on how to successfully navigate a job search for over 10 years.Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham say that seniors who regularly engage in Internet activity are less likely to feel lonely than those without a computer.The results of the study, to be published soon in the The Journal of Medical Internet Research, confirm what some of us already have experienced: Using the Internet can connect us with the people we care about and increase our ability to meet new people – all of which, of course, makes us feel less isolated and lonely.Here are some scenarios in which icebreaker activities may be a GOOD idea: And finally, be sensitive when choosing your icebreaker questions -- be aware that cultural issues come into play when you ask people questions about themselves.Never ask icebreaker questions that deal with nationality, religion, sex, invasions of privacy, or taboo subjects.

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