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Spotight: The 52-year-old photographer said that he doesn't restore confidence for the veterans he shoots (like this Sgt Bryan Anderson, pictured before and after his inury) - they come to him already confident Michael started the project unintentionally in 2012 when he photographed 26-year-old U. Marine Alex Minsky, a Purple Heart recipient who lost part of his leg when his truck ran over a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

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'I was a fitness photographer who had an erotic edge to his images, and I wanted to shoot Alex the same way.In an article in , Stokes talked about the impetus for photographing veterans of the Gulf Wars who lost one or more limbs during active duty.Stokes met a veteran who wanted Stokes to photograph him as a possible start to a modeling career."At the time I was focused on male, fitness photography, often with an erotic edge, and I wasn't sure if that was necessarily right for a wounded veteran of war.She met her husband, a Marine, during Fleet Week five years ago while entertaining on his ship.“We had a long-distance relationship, and when he got out of the service, we got married,” she says.

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