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Whether we’re cheering on our state colleges or the New Orleans Saints, football season is an extremely important part of Louisiana! Mardi Gras Season(big-freedia-208-venice-parade-oh-yass-gif)Most out-of-staters have heard of Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras.

January second, the fireworks are put away and the Mardi Gras beads and decorations start coming out.

Before Europeans founded what would become known as the city of New Orleans, the area was inhabited by Native Americans for about 1300 years.

The Mississippian culture peoples built mounds and earthworks in the area.

With its rich and unique cultural and architectural heritage, it remains a major destination for tourism, conventions, and major sports events, even after the major destruction and loss of life during Hurricane Katrina and flooding from the levee break after the hurricane in 2005.

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He was charged with two counts of improper relationship with a student.The defense rested on Wednesday in the trial of former high school teacher Shelley Dufresne of Destrehan, Louisiana who is accused of having sex with an underage student. more According to the Austin American-Statesman between January 2010 and December 2016, 686 teachers in Texas lost their teaching license due to allegations of impropriety with a student.Keep going for a look back at the Houston-area educators who were charged with a crime after accusations of relationships with students.Mardi Gras is a catholic holiday that is celebrated the day before lent begins. What most people that aren’t from Louisiana don’t know is that we don’t limit it to just one day!Throughout the season depending on when lent follows there will be decor, parades, music, and festivals to celebrate this wonderful holiday.

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