Sex chats with robots

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Unfortunately, when you see it in action, what you get is less “cheerful hotel clerk” and more “slack-eyed corpse puppet”.

The frubber looks okay, but fails to capture in the intricate folding of the skin around the eyes and the mouth, turning every facial expression into some variation on a rictus.

Last month, in a 17-2 vote, the parliament's legal affairs committee voted to begin drafting a set of regulations to govern the development and use of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Included in this draft proposal is preliminary guidance on what it calls 'electronic personhood' that would ensure corresponding rights and obligations for the most sophisticated AI. If you caught any of the debate on the issue of 'electronic' or 'robot' personhood, you probably understand how murky the issues are, and how visceral reactions to it can be.

For now, there are many more questions than answers.

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The robots were disguised as 13 different species - including squid, tuna, turtles, squid and puffer-fish.

One day, robots may take all our jobs This recently premiered robot, “Han,” is designed to be an interactive humanoid robot.

It’s a product of Hanson Robotics, a company that specializes in humanoid robots.

Get used to hearing a lot more about artificial intelligence.

Even if you discount the utopian and dystopian hyperbole, the 21st century will broadly be defined not just by advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, computing and cognitive neuroscience, but how we manage them.

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