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Its cathedral was formerly located to the north at Old Sarum; following its relocation, a settlement grew up around it, drawing residents from Old Sarum and Wilton.The new town received its city charter in 1227 under the name , which continued to be its official name until 2009, when the Salisbury City Council was established.

Salisbury School is one of the best-equipped sports boarding schools in Connecticut, with extensive indoor and outdoor facilities located on a 725-acre main campus.The cathedral crossing, Old Sarum and Stonehenge are reputed to be aligned on a ley line, though Clive L. Ruggles asserts that the site, on marshland, was chosen because a preferred site several miles to the west could not be obtained.As a result of the high water table in the new location, the cathedral was built on only four feet of foundations, and by 1258 the nave, transepts and choir were complete.The new cathedral was paid for by donations, principally from the canons and vicars of southeast England who were asked to contribute a fixed annual sum until it was completed.A legend tells that the Bishop of Old Sarum shot an arrow in the direction he would build the cathedral; but the arrow hit a deer that died in the place where Salisbury Cathedral is now.

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