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If yes to any of the above, then you have come to the right place. If you are new to skepticism (not to be confused with cynicism), I recommend that you start with Tools for assessing claims, Cognitive Biases and Traps, and Logical Fallacies.

Debunking can be an easy sport yet it can require tedious research to learn a subject and get your facts straight.

Post any type of equipment or field gear, including packs, pistol belts, holsters, etc.

and any type of personal gear, like lighters, soap, shaving cream, etc.

- This section is named for one of the forum co-founders, the late Craig Pickrall, who passed away on August 18, 2014.

USMF members this section is dedicated to highlighting the items that have been returned to recipents/ owners or their families by our membership or items that forum members would like to attempt to return to the original recipent/owner or families.

Lastly, imagination and intuition can be inspiring, useful, and enjoyable; but imagining doesn't make it so, and intuition is but a fallible prediction; and when fiction is presented as fact, it is open to criticism, and your health, wealth, or peace of mind can be in jeopardy from bunk.

Wikipedia links are included if the articles have a critical/skeptical/controversy section or if they provide a good overview of the subject.

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You even have small amounts of radioactive material inside your body.

We will also redirect inquiries from families who join here because of posted items.

This section will allow any member to post or list named medals, uniforms, helmets,etc.

You know that all elements are made of atoms, and that atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Protons and neutrons are held together in the nucleus by what scientists call the strong force.

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