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(Yes, corny pun intended.)The Gist: Yuki Cross is a guardian at Cross Academy, a boarding school that is operating to prove that the human and vampire races can peacefully coexist.

Yuki is part of the Day Class, the group of students that attend classes during daylight hours.

manga bestseller with every new release, this is a series that has gripped hold of the shojo audience in the states and won’t be letting go any time soon.

Filled with Gothic flare, hot bishie vampires, plenty of action, and tragic romance, Hino’s series sucks readers in and provides plenty of entertainment.

Uncharacteristically, he shuffled a bit under the covers and snuggled beside Kaname.

When there's not enough source material to do the job for them, sometimes anime adaptations go in disappointing directions! A lot of it, actually, and I ended up hitting nearly every single time slot, even getting up early a couple of days to play through the ...― Jokes about cooking and eating critters encountered in a dungeon have been around nearly as long as tabletop fantasy RPGs themselves.

Here are just seven examples of anime that dropped the ball at the most crucial moment.― With each subsequent omnibus edition of Corpse Party: Blood Covered, the decision to release the series as two-in-one volumes makes more sense. Check back all week for fresh reviews of this spring's biggest manga premieres. However, these have almost always been one-shot gags in D&D-themed comics.

"Even though we both know that our loved one will never so much as look our way, we can't erase that small something within us that continues to hope in vain." ~ Akatsuki Kain Chapter 48 An entire chapter in the manga has been based on Akatsuki's romantic feelings for Ruka.

After Ruka realizes why Kaname holds feelings for Yuki Kuran, her jealousy subsides.

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