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The most common objective of dating sims is to get a date or achieve a romantic realationship between the playing character and another character. She has several awesome games, all made with FLASH. It's an extremely well-drawn and well written game!

Our Flash sim date games are romantic, cute, and fun.

The love story is pretty well-written, but due to the amount of fanservice, I probably wouldn't recommend this show to gay men.*Misato's Crazy Shota Adventures*Baby's First Tsundere Comedy*"The Fairly Odd Parents" for Grown-ups*The Velveteen Robot*World War II, without the Nazis or the nukes*Lesbian Secret Agents*Soul Calibur, without the men, with even less plot, and with even more tits*A dating sim, without the porn.**'s second season.*Giant robots, excessive manliness, and hammy voice acting, oh my!

It's about episode 11 or 12 when shit starts to get real.

Tequila Mockingbird (tequila.krovac): Thanks to you for coming Zoe ZF: Let's start with a little bit about your background, Tequila. And I started making friends with Dora and Addie, also. TM: I had a maid at that time, that came with me from Mexico. Zoe nods and scribbles on her note pad TM: Yes the captain was my neighbour, and I often found him smoking on the corner... ZF: I see...that is how you two became acquainted.... TM: I got released the day after, but had to send Lama back to Mexico on a wheelchair, wearing a posture collar. At that time, Zeno came with the idea of organizing a chorus line. TM: I was very interested in participating in that...yes, The Flapperettes. ZF: It's a beautiful've done a lovely job decorating! I am looking forward to go back to Behrenstrassse, but Maegara has been out for a long vacation, so I have not got any chance to meet her and talk about it... Part 5: Greek Myth, The Battle of the Gods - Holanda | Netherlands Saskia Boddeke aka Rose Borchovski - WHY IS THERE SOMETHING?

TM: Yes, he often asked me about my poems and we chatted when we met. Zoe looks at Tequila questioningly TM: Well, it was recently forbidden to do cocaine and Max was doing it, so there was a rally. That is when the Captain tried to rescue us, but he got shot on his leg. And the captain had to spend a full week in the hospital ZF: Poor Walter.... It was easy to put it together as I was already friends with Dora and Addie. TM: It was unexpected....sometimes you do not know your roots that well! Part 6: Israel Myth, The punishment - Holanda | Netherlands Tom Jantol - Dear Fairy - Croácia | Croatia Tom Jantol - Duel (Part) - Croácia | Croatia Tom Jantol - The Remake - Croácia | Croatia Tony Bannan aka ammopreviz - Selfish Gene - Austrália | Australia Trace Sanderson aka Lainy Voom - Ctrl-Alt-Del - Reino Unido | United Kingdom Trace Sanderson aka Lainy Voom - Dagon - HP Lovecraft - Reino Unido | United Kingdom Tutsy Navarathna - My familiar dream - Índia | India DOCUMENTA Garry Shepherd – Global Shuffle - Austrália | Australia Jim Haverkamp e Brett Ingram – Armor of God – Estados Unidos | United States Khaled D.

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