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Hi, I use Dragon Medical which is based on the Dragon 13 speech engine.

Nuance are likely to bring an update at some point but who knows when. They say that Dragon Professional Individual (RRP £300!!! Apparently Nuance are still working on a patch/update...

Yesterday I updated Office to the latest service pack, i.e. This morning, when opening an MS Word document (format, and a document I created myself some months ago) I was greeted with a new dialog box saying: Security Alert - Office File Validation WARNING: Office File Validation detected a problem while trying to open this file.

Opening this is probably dangerous, and may allow a malicious user to take over your computer.

Two updated error messages for the Office File Validation feature in Office 2007 SP3 now provide more detailed information and options.

I make PDFs of all my e-mails and this feature is sorely needed.If the applications work with Office 2010 or 2013, they will likely work with Office 2016.Microsoft has not announced the availability date or the final feature set as of this writing.You can delete all these fonts after installing Office 2008 or Office 2011.Starting with Leopard, 10.5 and Snow Leopard, 10.6 the fonts installed by the OS include many of the same named fonts Office installs on your system resulting in duplicates.

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