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The problem: Norwegian Sky was launched in 1999, before water activities and comedy shows became standard cruise ship features.Though it was refitted as the Pride of Aloha in 2004 and then redesigned for the Norwegian fleet in 2008, those state-of-the-art amenities won’t come until February 2017.

All this is delivered by a smiling, very friendly service staff who lack polish but are willing.If this is your first cruise, you should enjoy a good overall holiday in a lively, upbeat setting.The lifestyle is contemporary, fresh, creative and sporty, with a casualness typical of youthful city dwellers, and with its “eat when you want” philosophy, the shipboard ambiance is ultra-casual.There was a time when the best a gay or lesbian cruise passenger could hope for from a "gay-friendly" cruise would be a self-organized "Friends of Dorothy" meet up.Now, gay and lesbian socials are standard on most cruises, and are actually organized, promoted and hosted by the cruise lines and their staffs.

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