Michael dell options backdating

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A second indictment unsealed this morning charges Nicholas with maintaining and distributing drugs from his various homes, supplying hired prostitutes with controlled substances, spiking customer and employee drinks with ecstasy, and other surprising drug-related charges.One incident alleges Nicholas and others smoked so much marijuana during a flight on his private plane between Orange County and Las Vegas that the pilot had to put on an oxygen mask.In this case, the scheme’s beneficiaries reportedly made out with 3 million over a ten-year period.So if you’re like the average American, you probably don’t know WTF options backdating entails, and why it’s potentially a scandal for Carson.In theory, it links the executive’s financial interests with a shareholder’s — executives run the company well, the company does well, everyone’s shares go up in value, everyone makes money.

Now, the admission made by Dell's new financial team - led by new Vice Chairman and CFO Don J.Back in the day, before Ben Carson was running for the Republican presidential nomination (a race in which, after weeks of saying dumber and dumber shit, he has endeared himself to conservatives to the point where he’s tied with Donald Trump for first place) the former neurosurgeon served on the board of directors for Costco.According to a recent report from during his time there, the good doctor made out with more than just industrial size tubs of peanut butter and 100 packs of two-ply toilet paper.While he was taking care of his top lieutenants by trying ti “surprise and delight them with what a career at Apple could be”, he was “hurt” that Apple’s board didn’t do the same for him. So he had to have a little talk with them about swapping his 20 million then-underwater options for 7.5 million new ones, which they did. I was trying to help Apple by getting some of the Ne XT people into some jobs where they could help Apple, and that’s pretty much all I was doing.

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