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Throughout the years, dating has changed dramatically.

If you individually asked members in a group to define its meaning, it wouldn’t be surprising to receive a variety of answers.

Even though each type has distinct traits, couples are able to shift from one type to the other.

My point is to be extra sensitive about things like that--the little things. I wanted them to mend as fast as possible and find new girlfriends, being within their eyesight would hinder that process. Have any of you ever moved from a lovers relationship to a friends relationship? I just recently been dumped becuz of his family doesnt accept me.. they h ear stories from people who barely knows me or met me.. it is tough going from couple to friendship so sudden.. And your families may be involved but, quite frankly, they're having to deal with the smell and the mess of the breakup, too.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Our families are involved, so it is nearly impossible to just part ways. My last ex and I are sorta friends but he still entertains delusions of reconciling, even though I've told him I'm dating.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Have any of you ever moved from a lovers relationship to a friends relationship? My ex and I get along about as well as it is possible for anyone to, but it's still weird. It's been three years since the breakup and he's still not dating anyone! I loved him for a very long time, and still care for him. There is absolutely nothing worse in the world than a person who has broken off a romantic relationship with you, but won't leave you alone.

Sarah Elizabeth Pope Utah State University January 2010 Introduction Has dating become a thing of the past? There are a variety of dating patterns today and each has its strengths.

Some may argue that the media has influenced teen’s perceptions of courtship and dating. If so, is it brainwashing, improper, or merely forward thinking?

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