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I bought 3 separate lots (10 skids) of "return items/overstock" and 80% of the items were 'salvage' quality items. They sell these things at a price where you will most likely not be able to make profits no matter what Outlet you sell them unless you rip people off - exactly what this company does is rip people off. I was looking through different jewelry boutiques when I came across an auction on Liquidity Services or They were broken, missing parts beyond repair, unusable, filthy, and some items were useless, damaged "lifetime warranty" tools that were returned to the big-box store for new tools to meet the warranty. I spent over ,000.00 on this junk and now I am stuck with it. I've been doing business in liquidating and buying selling things. For instance I bought a lot of jewelry, MSRP ,500. There was 20 minutes left in the listing and I bid 0 for it plus shipping which was another 50 bucks. I bid on auction #** and won the actual auction on Tuesday, February 16, 2016.The two of you agree on a price, you get the money, he gets the furniture. Now, the disadvantage: As you know from the formula: Fastest Easiest = Least Money. The dealer does a mental appraisal of the lot with an eye toward costs for storing and advertising.

If they are moving to a distant location, it may be cheaper and simpler to sell their household goods than it is to pay the cost of shipping. There are various ways to liquidate – estate sales, auctions, garage sales, consignments, and dealers. In order to answer that question, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each and evaluating your situation is crucial.The only way you can make profit is if you buy in bulk at a cheap price. Long story short I got costume jewelry - the same exact jewelry they sell in a dollar store next to my house. In order for me to stay in business I have to sell the excess 900 clay pots. I have to sell them at cost for what I bought them for so I can make the money back that I put into them in the best-case scenario. sent a notification to me at pm letting me know to follow the instructions listed in the notification to make payment.Liquidation means getting rid of items quickly for cash and not taking the time to individually research and list items to get the most profit for them. Auction #** New Statement Boutique Jewelry had a manufacturer suggested retail price of ,275.The transaction ID is #** and the auction was 0.00.After taxes and shipping costs, the grand total of the auction that I paid was 4.06.

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