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It was January 2007 when Peggy first came to Kenya.

She was taking some time away from her work as Vice President of the Ottawa Hospital and volunteering in the AIDS-decimated village of Asembo Bay.

It was there that she learned about Anyango’s plight. Days later she received a call telling her that the baby had been born and that her help was needed immediately. She jumped on the back, with a driver she didn't know.

The 14-yearold orphan was about to give birth, and her poverty-stricken extended family had no way to properly care for the baby. Light was fading, and they travelled into a slum called Dunga on Victoria Bay.

Its other surrounding countries are Ethiopia and South Sudan to the north and Uganda to the west. However, many foreign men and women indulge in sex tourism, which is thriving at resorts along Kenya's coast.

Like many other places on this list, the driving force behind the flourishing sex tourism industry in Kenya is poverty.

The series was nominated for the Canadian Comedy Awards in 20 and for Gemini Awards in 2005, 2006, and 2008 as the best Canadian comedy series, and received a Rose d'Or nomination in Switzerland for "best international comedy series". Though he does not always break the rules, he is usually willing to bend them, or work around them.

As of November 2008, the show airs on CBC, Global and Showcase in Canada, Comedy Central in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, The Comedy Channel in Australia, Animax and later, Sony MAX, in South Africa, Italia 2 in Italy, FX in Portugal, on Jim in Finland. Spenny usually follows the rules and his ethics very strictly. Spenny is a Canadian television show starring Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, who face each other in various competitions. In 2009 the show was named #8 among the top 10 Canadian television shows of the decade.The loser of each episode must perform an act of humiliation, usually selected by the winner. Since the beginning of time, mankind has been forced to compete for survival. Kenneth "Kenny" Joel Hotz and Spencer "Spenny" Nolan Rice are lifelong friends, who challenged each other in various ways for years before they decided to film structured competitions and introduce consequences for losing.Spenny will often bear the brunt of Kenny's plans and pranks until the competition is declared a draw.In one episode, Spenny remarked that he was the king of the show's "endurance competitions".

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