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With her successful career, determination, and beauty, who would not be attracted to Katarina Witt?Katarina Witt was in a relationship for the first time when she was 18 years old.But Katarina’s dreams were shattered by the East German secret police who were spying on her since she was the tender age of 8.While it has always been assumed that members of national sports teams in the former Soviet bloc were placed under intensive surveillance, if only to limit their chances of defection, the extent of Ms Witt's apparent compliance with the authorities has astonished Germans.An absolute legend of her time, her skills, and her techniques are so unique that even the best players have failed to adapt them.Katarina was born on the 3rd of December, 1965 in Staaken, East Germany which is now in Berlin.Having had no siblings, she used to study at the Karl-Marx-Stadt school, and later went to Kinder- und Jugendsportschule, which was a school for the fittest and the best athlete.

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There have been rumors that the very talented and gorgeous, Katarina Witt is married! Let us find out more about her personal life and affairs!

Also known by her nickname “Katarina the Great,” she had conquered almost all the major trophies for a figure skater in Europe and has got prolific records regarding the numbers.

Having been the European Champion for six times in a row between 19, she has also conquered two Gold medals at the Olympics.

She placed on a major podium for the first time in 1982, winning silver at both the European and World Championships.

Katarina Witt is a former German figure skater who was known to be one of the best of her time.

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