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He teaches at university level, invented a technology, started a company and sold it. Should we just get married here in El Paso, then apply for permanant recidency through marriage? Will they allow me to marry a Mexican with a tourist visa or does she need to get permission from Mexico to be here to be married. The correct way to do this is apply for a K1 fiancee or K3 spouse visa.Then after the marriage, she just extends her tourist visa while we wait for her to get her "green card"? The process takes 6 to 9 months or more in which she is supposed to wait outside of the U. Here is a link: know that you may not want to wait, but the only other method is risky.The regulations state this: If a person does anything to make their status permanent in the U. If a person does anything to make their status permanent in the U. more than 60 days after entering on a non-immigrant visa, no questions are asked because the policy determination is that it is too difficult to prove that the person did not just change their minds.It is easier if we get married in Mexico and apply here to have her become a resident of the US?

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