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There’s involvement, there’s eye contact, there’s an emotional connection that’s made when you see someone working alongside you, experiencing the same hardship and it also empowers”. “I want to listen and find out what’s going on,” he tells Hollywood I don’t want these guys to feel worse about themselves. So I don’t know, it hasn’t occurred to me to be worried. And so far, it’s going well.” Here’s what Jessie and Jen had to say about some of the contestants, agreeing that it could be anyone’s game! “She offers me just as much support as I offer her.

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“I think I'm very good at helping people find their way. This show offers me a platform and place to reach them.”How does Widerstrom's approach differ from past trainers? I don't feel like I have to break someone to help them.She moved to the Los Angeles area about five years ago and became a group fitness instructor.That turned into a few private training gigs, which turned into a private training business, which turned into appearances on “Access Hollywood Live.”Now Widerstrom, 32, is in the midst of her biggest opportunity yet.Jessie also raved over the former Detroit quarterback: “He’s an amazing athlete.” Toma Dobrosavljevic: “He’s a guy that’s gained and lost a lot of this weight, multiple times over.So I know he can go the distance,” Jen says about his resilience.

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