Is oprah winfrey still dating stedman

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I’m not even kind of a lesbian.” In 2011, after her talk show ended, she stoked Stedman’s marriage hopes by babbling on and on about a wedding in Italy with a celeb-studded guest list.

[Scroll down to watch the video.] Graham is "The love ...

) and even walk her down the aisle since she’s not close with her father.

FED UP with 30 years of foot-dragging over getting married and troubled by the lesbian rumors dogging her, Oprah Winfrey’s exasperated beau Stedman Graham is finally dumping the billionaire entertainment tycoon, insiders tell Radar “He’s ready to kick Oprah to the curb and leave her for good.” “He’s bitter and humiliated after waiting decades for Oprah’s hand in marriage,” the insider explains.

Then he furiously stormed off leaving Oprah speechless!

She may be the biggest media mogul in the world, but fans are still wondering: Is Oprah Winfrey married?

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