Intimidating 69 camaro

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Now, they take the opportunity to examine it up close, and they are begrudgingly impressed. We've been chasing Bob Owen's Camaro when we first stumbled upon it online.

An unattributed photo of Bob's Camaro chewing up a high-speed sweeper made us as giddy as a 12-year-old with a stack of Playboys.

They are machines that promise freedom, glory, speed and sexual conquest.

They are why cars are art, even if the art world is too self-referential to know it.

A car which they had earlier written off as a cute oddity now has a growing crowd gathered around it.

The Zinfandel and Camembert crowd has--on track--been unsuccessful in chasing the Camaro's taillights all day.

The only thing left to do was to put together the ideal plan for the performance upgrades.

They're eye-candy adventures in themselves and they cast shadows that are better-looking than most of the stuff humanity has churned out over the eons.Milled out of a single block of unobtainium, its NACA ducts, tunneled rear window and ground-bound missile stance have it looking as if it's going 268 mph even when parked. 1973 Pontiac Grand Am: The most daring nose ever put on a GM product. 1995 BMW 7 Series: The first big BMW sedan to look better than Mercedes' big sedans.Clean elegance for the everyman, but still masculine. Impeccably tailored and yet absolutely athletic, it remains the archetype for big sport sedans. 2003 Bentley Continental GT: It's the epitome of road presence: a wide, low and muscular coupe that looks like it plays linebacker for the Steelers.This combination created the definition of a muscle car: a car with a light body and a powerful engine.The Rocket 88 dominated the NASCAR circuit in 1950, escalating the craze for speed.

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