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It offered up to £15,000 in return for four meetings a year with fictitious “sponsors”.

Southwark Crown Court heard how the victim, who was originally from Kenya and came from a one parent family, was tempted as she faced fees for her university course of £11,000 and a further £5,000 for accommodation.

The move has already proved controversial, with broadcaster Samira Ahmed tweeting: "Give us back women’s loos for ALL women. " ne of their complaints was that women were stuck using the 'with cubicles' option, while everyone else could use both.

It meant the women's toilets were left with even longer queues.

The role of investigative journalism was praised today as a top level computer consultant was jailed for 16 months in connection with a “pitiless deception” in which he sought to con hard up students into having sex with him in return for falsely offering to pay their university fees.

Mark Lancaster, 40, who was employed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the time of his arrest last year, was exposed following an undercover investigation by into the website and fictitious business uk.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was duped by the website which she found through a Google search when she was seeking legitimate forms of finance for her studies.

She had hoped to control her involvement in the “scheme” but was overwhelmed by the IT expert’s personality and the momentum of the situation.“She was in a strange apartment in a strange city, wearing strange clothes with no money, high heels on and simply felt she could not run away,” said Lisa Wilding for the prosecution.“In her words she felt `really gross’ about it.

She felt there was nothing she could do about the situation she found herself in,” she added.

I was angry, really angry, about how badly I had been treated when I came out. I’m not convinced the rest of society is.” Highlighting her determination to get to where she wants to be, Miss Lee said: “When the transphobic ‘feminists’ come and try to tear me down, I will just fight harder and, with the help of amazing activists, we will show them, together, that the NUS women’s campaign demonstrates a progressive approach to inclusive feminism, not only ensuring the campaign is proudly trans inclusive, but that our campaign is a place where feminist activists can thrive - whether they’ve been involved for five years or five minutes.” According to her ‘Annafesto’, Miss Lee has outlined her priorities for the role, which include improving education around statutory sex education including sexual consent, challenging government cuts that “disproportionately impact” women, and also taking steps to increase the number of diverse women in leadership roles.

“Over these years, I’ve had space to grow and develop my own politics, and my passion has become unstoppable.” Miss Lee also said she never believed running to be national women’s officer would ever be a possibility, and said she feels as though she has “hit a glass ceiling.” She continued: “I find myself in unchartered waters, and some shards of that glass ceiling will undoubtedly hit me. Highlighting how mainstream feminism constantly forgets about trans women, she added: “Let alone a queer trans disabled lesbian woman.” Miss Lee continued: “We need to start tackling rape culture at an earlier age and teach people consent in intersectional statutory sex ed.

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