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The general rule for nude bathing in Florida is "Bare if you dare" - nudity is a crime on many Florida beaches, and the irregular enforcement of public indecency laws means taking your clothes off is a bit of a gamble. Though a number of Florida beaches have earned reputations as skinny-dipping locations, many naturists have been fined and even arrested. The following is a list of one official public nude beach and nine unofficial nude beaches. Snowmelt flooding will continue for parts of the Great Basin and Northern Rockies.Synopsis: A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a cycle of submission, humiliation and depravery after being discovered by her colleague that she had embezzled money from the company. ========= GRACES VERY HARD LESSONS ================ By Dark Avenger. Email comments to darkavenger at ** PROLOGUE : 7 days ago: ASKING FOR PERMISSION TO CUM Sir, may I cum now please? Her lips were pursed, and her eyes half-closed, as she struggled to maintain her composure, with the insane vibrations hammering her pussy non-stop for the last ten minutes, the twelfth time that day since she stepped into the office. Grace had her panties, damp from her juices, in her hand. The cylindrical object that was the vibrator stayed embedded in her naked cunt.

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