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Below we celebrate the beautiful natural landscapes of this diverse country. Download free American Flag pictures, US Flag clip art, screen savers, avatars, wallpaper, computer and cellphone backgrounds.

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Prices start from just US for the A7 72dpi versions with A5, A4 and A3 high res 300 dpi versions also available. This just crashes our servers and stops other people from enjoying it.

Remember, even if your download is high resolution you'll never have to pay for these royalty free American flag images!

The flag of the United States of America displays thirteen equal horizontal stripes alternating of red and white from top to bottom, seven red stripes and six white.

The stripes are representative of the thirteen original colonies that rebelled against British control.

The canton, the upper flag-hoist side corner of the flag, consists of a blue background with fifty, five-point, stars representing the fifty states in the union.

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