Electric updating nema 10 30r speed dating in devon

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The previous owner did some newer wiring around the box containing this socket and I suspect he might have either run a ground to the location or installed a ground wire to a water pipe or something.

I have two related questions: A ground wire in a NM run for a dryer is indeed an unused fourth wire in the box, and it will be bare.

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The TT30 is a 30A, 120-volt recreational vehicle standard sometime it is called simply RV 30.

In the 2014 NEC, point 4 does allow you to tap the nearest EGC of a suitable size originating from the same enclosure as the recipient branch circuit; but, since a 30A circuit needs a 10AWG copper EGC, you can't use a 15 or 20A circuit's EGC as the donor.

In my apartment, I have a 4 wire 240V receptacle for a dryer where the neutral is not connected, only the 2 hots and ground.

Is this configuration permitted for a dryer circuit?

so basically this is what is known as an open neutral. I do appreciate the answer, but i need an answer to a no neutral situation.

and the response below speaks of a grounding conductor, which is a ground, and does not reference a grounded conductor, which is a neutral, which there is not in the receptacle. Notice that all the control circuits are 120V components, and that basically only the heater is 240V.

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