David boreanaz emily deschanel dating

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As I previously blabbed to you, in this, the second part of my on-set interview with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, the co-stars confirm that a marriage ceremony will take place in End Date But they also sorta-maybe-kinda-jokingly confirm yet another wedding, this second one in the Boreanaz-directed April 29 season finale (which may or may not be entirely improvised and broadcast live)!

Emily Deschanel gathered her family, including her sister Zooey, on Saturday for her wedding to boyfriend David Hornsby.

We caught up with Emily Deschanel at the Genesis Awards, where she spilled that the sex is all about Brennan's burnin' baby fever.

Emily exclusively dishes on how the duo end up in bed, and where it's taking them next season...

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Emily Deschanel has suggested that she could be involved in a romantic storyline on Bones in the future.

Deschanel, who plays Brennan, explained that the relationship between her character and Booth (David Boreanaz) is developing.

Got the Fever: Says Emily, "Brennan is a character who never wanted children at all." But having changed her mind, "She asks Booth because she thinks he would make a good father for her children." However, making a baby takes two, so there's a lot to figure out on Booth's side as well.

The Baby Daddy: Emily tells us, "Booth has to deal with whether he wants to do that, does he help his friend out?

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