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#challenges, #serious, blank slate, communicate, communication, conflict, dates, dating, do-over, fling, fun, intensions, long haul, love, lust, old flame, past, playbook, redo, relationships, scratch, second chance, second chances, second time around, sex, starting over It is not uncommon to revisit an old flame from time to time. The question is whether you are back in it for a second chance of love or lust? Plenty of people jump back into old relationships or flings.There is no playbook for the perfect do-over since every relationship has its own history and struggles to overcome.However, regardless of your past, these guidelines could help your future look a little brighter: This is the hardest part.Perhaps the dress means so much to me because of that sacrifice. Lewis wrote to a young friend who was concerned about being too old: '..are already too old for fairy tales, and by the time it is printed and bound you will be older still.Wendy Lawton is the little girl in her strawberry dress, second from the left with her siblings (and of course, a doll.) She rarely was without a doll or a book, and that continues to be a theme in her life today."Every once in a while childhood and middle-age intersect. But some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.' "As a child, I lived through my books," Wendy says.In this case, you don’t want either party to get hurt and will do anything to see that this time around works out.So what do you need to do to make sure fate ends differently this time?

To divert suspi Winner of the 2014 Bony Blithe Mystery Award. Anna Nolan discovers her ex-husband, Jack, on a deserted country road one night - dead, unfortunately.Quick & Dirty with Willa Blair, Caroline Warfield, Laura Chapman, Ginger Mc Knight-Chavers and Tracey Livesay on USA Today’s Happy Ever After (10/25/16) Happy Release Day to Laura Chapman on Caroline Fardig’s Blog (10/25/16) THREE & OUT Release Week Blitz/Q&A on Novelgossip (10/25/16) Guest Post/Feature on Chick Lit Goddess (10/25/16) Laura’s Guide to Fantasy Football (9/8/16) Sour Cream (Mug) Coffee Cake and Excerpt ( on Book Mama Blog (11/13/13) Na No Wri Mo – How do they do it?(10/23/13) Blog Swap with Laura Chapman (8/20/13) Guest Blogger Laura Chapman Takes on Plotting (8/8/13) Welcome Laura Chapman of Change the Word to the Celebration of Bloggers Tour! He could only have been in town to see Anna, unless Jack was looking for their son, Ben. Anna Nolan discovers her ex-husband, Jack, on a deserted country road one night - dead, unfortunately.

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