Dating what women expect

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She can only say yes or no — if she says yes, awesome, if she says no, you’ve lost nothing.A man who calls Most girls are totally fine with texting a bit to feel each other out, but there should be a limit.Finding a man who actually knows how to court and date can be pretty tricky.While there are some amazing guys out there who don’t need any help, it seems that the majority of men desperately do.So guys, if you're serious about a particular lady, check out this list of qualities that women want to see in their men.

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Having someone to do things with will be foreign at first, and she might opt to continue certain projects alone or hole up in her apartment to binge watch her favorite Netflix shows when you wish she was spending time with you instead.

MATURITY Women are unlikely to be overly-impressed by your high score on your local pub’s Boggle machine and your ability to play the guitar solo from Free Bird on your plastic Guitar Hero axe.

Yes, you may be very proud that you’ve been able to the buy the M203 grenade launcher in Call of Duty 4, but out in the real world she’s more likely to be impressed with your ability to buy a decent meal for two in a nice restaurant.

Many women online receive a lot of messages, so they may only respond to those with standout profiles – those that make them laugh, think or are unique.

With just a little bit of effort and some well-thought-out messages, you’ll be making a date before you know it.

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