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While a hotly contested referendum earlier this month expanded Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s authoritarian powers — it appears the Justice and Development (AKP) party leader is wasting no time exercising them.

Although his administration has led a major crackdown against its citizens since last July’s failed coup attempt, this Saturday saw nearly 4,000 public officials sacked, a ban placed on all dating shows in the country, as well as blocked access to Wikipedia.

The dismissed officials included 1,000 in the justice ministry, 1000 in the army, and nearly 500 members of the academe in state institutions.

Tele Sur | – – With the April 16 referendum having expanded Erdogan’s powers, the AKP leader continues to lead a mass crackdown against his citizens.

As the two different dates progress, the teams - who are as diverse as the daters, including sorority sisters, bakers, barbers, hair stylists, multi-generational families, comedians, basketball moms and even a group of seniors - will participate in gameplay with multiple questions about the dates: (ex. ") Each correct answer earns the teams increasing amounts of cash and the team with the most money at the end of the episode wins the ,000 grand prize.

In one fell swoop last Saturday, the Turkish government banned Wikipedia and television dating shows, and axed 3,974 public officials.

S.-based preacher Fethullah Gulen blamed for the failed coup.

Since the July coup attempt, almost 47,000 people have been arrested, with the country under emergency rule as well.

On the dating show ban, the decree stated, “In radio and television broadcasting services, such programs in which people are introduced to find a friend …However, there are not very many individual Jews you can point to as competent and influential individual actors. Remaining among the goyim, there are mainly Putin and Erdogan. I guess you could say, like, Julian Assange and Rody Duterte. The point here is to say that most of what is happening on the planet earth is autopilot, the result of a series of events rather than of the actions of individual human beings.It is mostly just a general trend of the Jewish hive-mind working in unison to Jew over the goyim. Even the Alt-Right itself is an obvious result of a chain of events.The Game of Dating is a game show where it will offer viewers provocative, sexy and hysterical new takes on classic dating scenarios.Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the Chuck Barris produced, classic dating game show The Dating Game.

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