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Posing as a French journalist – she was fluent in several European languages - she was tasked with charming young trainees and engaging them in conversation over drinks or dinner, gaining their confidence and extracting information from them.The reports she wrote decided whether the trainees could be trusted on foreign assignments, and for some she was their downfall.Her extraordinary tale was disclosed in documents released by the National Archive.They describe a young woman with “quite unusual gifts of intelligence, courage and assessment of character”, possessed of "striking" good looks, who was an invaluable asset to Britain’s war effort.The Jelgava Local Municipality has got green light for a project implementation under European Economic Area Financial Mechanism „Conservation and revitalization of cultural and natural heritage”.With the financial support of program it is considered to restore Tea house in Eleja Manor park and stone fence, which both currently are in extremely poor condition.

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Fabiola also pointed out that the two had totally varying interests, giving an example that while she was plotting to make the next big TV show, Meddie was planning the next big party.

Almost 70 years later, Fifi’s existence has been confirmed and her identity disclosed.

She was Marie Christine Chilver, hired at 22 by the wartime Special Operations Executive and employed in a role so covert that it was known to only a handful of people.

His parents had told him about their neighbour, a man originally from Latvia who returned home after the Second World War to find his village razed to the ground and his wife missing, presumed dead.

The man refused to believe she was dead but after two fruitless years of searching he gave up.

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