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So in a way, it takes into consideration every single aspect of his behaviour.

Note: Now if the guy is like this with everyone he meets and knows, then you can take it that he may not be in love with you.

Source: Shutter Stock When he does text you or talk to you, what does he say?

If a dude is texting you and only sending a one word answer to your long paragraph, that's a sign that he's trying to subtly hint that he's not interested. Source: Shutter Stock When a guy likes you, he wants to impress you - and only bringing you up to his dirty room to make out on the bed isn't exactly impressive.

If he doesn't make an effort, that just means he's not very motivated to be your partner. Frankly, I find mirroring to be close to foolproof. It's entirely possible that you can "do nothing" (as I advocate), and the man pulls away, saying, "You don't make enough of an effort for me". Does this mean that you shouldn't eat smaller, healthier portions and hit the treadmill regularly? It might mean that there’s something else you can tweak, but the basic principles of dieting remain true, regardless of their results.

But that doesn't mean that you should stop mirroring. You’ve read every diet book and every woman’s magazine under the sun and conclude that the simplest way to go about this would be to: eat smaller portions, eat healthier foods, and get to the gym three times a week for cardio. For one month, you’re a dieting machine (with the occasional dark chocolate and red wine indulgence, of course). You weigh the exact same thing that you did four weeks ago. He’ll find a woman that’s more man than he is, and you’ll be free to find a man who actually knows that it’s his role to pursue you.

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