Dating cast iron cornbread stick pans

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This is the first pan I have seen with these dimensions and it would make a wonderful centerpiece for a dining room table or and a gathering pan on a kitchen counter.The pan has an overall length of 21 1/8”, a width of 7 1/2” and a depth of 2”.In 1865, two Erie families associated by marriage, joined in a modest venture to manufacture door hinges.The Selden and Griswold union paved the way for The Griswold Manufacturing Company of Erie, Pennsylvania, recognized world wide as producers of fine cast iron products, especially cookware.Sources generally agree the discovery of the powers of yeast was accidental."No one has yet managed to date the origins of beer with any precision, and it is probably an impossible task.I have owned my cast iron skillets for 15 years and have never run into a problems by washing them in mild soapy water. Turn off the heat and lightly coat the inside of the pan with cooking oil, and heat for a minute or two longer.

The company was in trouble by the 1940's for a variety of reasons.

Vintage Chef offers all types of molds including; pudding, jelly, bread, candy, madeline molds and more.

This is a very interesting long bread or baking pan in Very Good condition.

There is an alternate theory regarding the invention of brewing.

Some historians believe it is possible that brewing began when the first cereal crops were domesticated.

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