Danish dating relationships

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When I first arrived here I met a guy at a friend’s party who I instantly liked. Four months later, after films, drinks, a double date, a bit of hand holding under the guise “let me help you so you don’t slip on the ice” (funny that the ‘ice’ lasted for a kilometre) and I’m thinking this is going great …

He was fun, cute, and knew that a ‘kiwi’ was not just a person but a large brown bird. Granted I didn’t use the ‘date’ word but I thought it was obvious – any situation past 8pm at night that involves a man and a women getting together with the intention of having a good time is a date. I knew perfectly well we weren’t a couple, but I definitely thought we were on the way to something.

So after much frustration one night when my flirting techniques were really getting me NOWHERE, I said the three forbidden words in the Danish Dating Dictionary: “I like you”. You see, the Danish rules state that unless explicitly stated no man or woman is your date/love interest/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner until explicitly stated.

From the look on his face you’d think I’d said: “I love you”. Until then you should feel free to act as openly as you like: flirt as much as you like even if you have no intention of following through, spend long-drawn out periods of time together sharing your most intimate secrets, introduce them to your parents, and bring them back cute trinkets whenever you travel.

But dating was like a foreign language to me – as it is when I watch American movies and television shows.It is because of this need that thousands of singles flock to a Danish dating site.They want to feel someone’s arms wrapped around them in a loving embrace after a long day at work. He is intelligent, witty and generally fun to hang out with. As the night gradually progressed I learned a lot of new things.He seemed quite into me at the party, but wait, the next morning when I looked over to wave and say hello, he quickly looked away. We met again at another party, and this time I wasn’t ignored. I have met so many men over the years; the French who charm you with their accent and very persuasively let you believe that it is you that they have fallen in love with, or the Italians who sometimes get dangerously close to prove their unfaltering adulation or the Brits who use their polite manners and chivalry to win you over. He’s a beautiful species that is painfully shy and gets an enormous amount of courage after only six beers.

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