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They do a great job of protecting their kids from sex. Some things we need to shelter our very young kids from and sex is one of them.

But when an 18 year old is asking a blogger this question, I wonder why the parents have not taught her and her boyfriend about what God intends sex for.

If proper boundaries are not established, increasing intimacy can have some undesirable results – such as feelings of abuse or betrayal following a break-up, loss of appropriate personal boundaries without a commensurate commitment, and beginning to become one before the couple actually belongs to one another.

With this in mind, let's explore some boundary guidelines.

Before continuing with this article, please review the preamble included at the beginning of Scott's first article in this series, "Biblical Dating: How It's Different From Modern Dating." * * * PART 4: Navigating the Early Stages of a Relationship » Quite a few Boundless readers asked questions or made comments about my statement in "Biblical Dating: How It's Different From Modern Dating" that "biblical dating assumes outside of marriage that Scripture explicitly prohibits?

As Christians we are inundated with sexual images on TV, on the internet in magazines, on the sides of buses, at the grocery store checkout line, it seems that our culture is obsessed with sex and has perverted it from what God originally intended it to be. Sex is intended by God to be a good thing to bring the couple closer together, to become one flesh.

So parents, before your teen moves out, starts dating, or starts bypassing the “family filter” on the computer, you need to speak of these things with them.

Equip them to deal with the world, and sex, and desires, and to understand what sex is meant to be. A simple answer to this question is that you are looking at it all wrong when you start wondering where the line is and how close you can get to that line before it becomes sin.

Physical: It is difficult to provide solid physical boundaries that apply to every dating relationship.

Depending on one's culture and one's typical physical contact with others, physical boundaries may vary. This is not a sign of intimacy or love so much as it is a greeting. It is also important to look at the degree to which the physical touch is carried out.

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