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There wasn't a cancellation line; I just went to the box office window and asked if there were any cancelled tickets. The line wasn't that long at all, but it also depends on what time of day you go. Yes, I most likely will be someone waiting for cancellations if I don't get SRO. I turned my heard and the line went from 2 people to 12, all the people in front of me in the box office line went and waited. I asked the box office lady if she had anything tonight or tomorrow and she said "hold on" and went and talked to the woman at the other window. " She smiled and said I have Row F Mezzanine seat 108 for 9. Thought I'd leave my GREAT experience with the cancellation line.For matinee go about an hour before and for a night show go early afternoon and then again an hour before the how if you had no luck the first time. I got in the SRO line at , knowing I wouldn't get anything, but hoping to maybe get a cancelled ticket.

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The cheapest seats to medal-round events run between and 4 each, depending on the sport.The London Olympic Games don't kick off until July 27th, 2012, but this spring is the time to start your trip planning.Here, we answer the six most frequently asked questions about attending the Games, on everything from purchasing tickets for Olympic events to finding the most convenient and affordable accommodations, booking airfare, and navigating London's public transportation system. Catching all the action in person is a lot more affordable — and a lot less stressful — than you might think. Related story: Browse our favorite budget hotels in London Can I afford to go to the Olympics? The Games only occur every four years and demand is high.Aer Lingus summer sale Forget winter - Aer Lingus's Summer Sale has five million seats up for grabs with lead-in fares including Britain from €19.99 each-way and up to 50pc off selected European destinations including Rome, Madrid, Paris, Malaga and Faro.The airline's transatlantic routes start from €255 each-way.

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