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At this point, Lohan herself commandeered the phone, and in sweet, husky tones suggested that we reschedule, girlo-a-mano, without all the muddled communication through publicists. Everything was spectacularly arranged, except that on the day of my flight, Nate took a holiday from answering repeated calls until 15 minutes before I was to leave for the airport, at which point he sleepily informed us that, Geez, I totally meant to call you. I was taking a trip through Lohanland, and if I had to pen a travel article on my stay there, it would be one-word short, and in the diction of its indigenous people: "Whatever." It was not what you would expect if you knew Lohan only through her performances on film.

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"But I'm the opposite of what people think I am." That became clear Sept.

After that, he'll head home to Beverly Hills before moving on to Shanghai, where he'll take meetings with his Rat Pac Entertainment partner, billionaire James Packer ("We're gonna explore what we're gonna explore"). His leg twitches a mile a minute, and his nails are bitten to the quick.

Later, the two will share a vacation at Packer's polo horse ranch in Argentina. He admits to being a "germophobe" ("I'm more of a hypochondriac -- I grew up in a house of doctors") and confesses to a fear of planes ("I'm scared of flying -- terrified").

Every time I see the director Brett Ratner I remind him who I am.

“Danielle Berrin, from The Jewish Journal.” For starters, I figure the lecherous lothario could use some help keeping tabs on all the women in his life. My guess is that if it were up to Brett Ratner The Man, and not Brett Ratner The Director, to get women to like him, he could have played The Forty-Year-Old-Virgin instead of Steve Carrell.

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