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If you’re thinking of writing, do some homework: does a book like yours exist? The question then is: how is your story is different? But of course independent of what others have done, you can decide you want to write your book anyway. It’s an excellent investment of time, but only if you think it is too. The only chance for sanity is to get the idea out of your mind and down on paper or on a screen.If you think the story should be told, whether it’s yours, your Mom’s, or your imaginary friend Rupert’s, you are the only person in the world capable of telling it in the way you have it in your mind. “All fiction is derivative, a fact that the good writer turns to his advantage, making the most of reader’s expectations, twisting old conventions, satisfying expectations in unexpected ways.Sex has photographs that feature adult content and softcore pornographic as well as simulations of sexual acts, including sadomasochism.

As of this writing, authors can’t copyright their titles in America (which is why if you plug certain titles into Amazon, you’ll come up not only with multiple movies but also multiple books of the same title).

That said, we don’t recommend using the same title that someone else has previously used.

It makes it more difficult for your book to stand out.

If you’re coming up with a title, ask friends and family for help. Sometimes, a new perspective is the best way to hit on just the right title for your book.

But remember: If you’re hoping to publish with a traditional publisher, there’s some possibility that you might not be able to keep your title anyway.

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