Are usa arie and musiq soulchild dating

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So what better way to mark this time than with some music? Everything from “We Are the Champions” to brooding acoustic folk.

As President Donald Trump’s 100th day approached, we asked you to tell us what songs you’ve been listening to nonstop since Inauguration Day.

But these days are also a time of change for the American people — just over a quarter of a year with new leaders and new policies.

Albums, unlike movies, typically don't have sequels. 1, its success suggested her audience was hungry for more.

1, Life & Relationship" premiered on the Billboard album charts at No.

Earlier at rehearsal, she gave one of her worst speeches yet, about how the good lord Jesus himself spoke to her in a dream and told her not to step onto that stage again.

This caused Monifah to almost spit out her drink, but still, the divas all nod and sit by patiently as La Tavia continues to waffle, when you know they wouldn’t be putting up with this stuff if it was Nicci Gilbert spewing it.

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