Are bono and penelope cruz dating

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At one point, she practically straddled the singer while attempting to snap a pic. Their onstage adventure ended a bit awkwardly, with Bardem demanding to take photos with multiple band members while thousands of fans watched.At one point, Bono remarked, "OK, he'll go if he gets a photo ...

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And there's the Hollywood starlet, better known for dating her co-stars than for the string of forgettable roles she's taken.In the film, she portrayed Silvia, a young woman who is expecting her first child with a man whose mother does not approve of the relationship and attempts to sabotage it by paying Javier Bardem's character to seduce her.People magazine noted that after Cruz appeared topless in the film, she became "a major sex symbol".Also , in that movie she plays a man trapped in a woman's body which she hates .Because of that she still dresses herself very manly and not wearing high heels .

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