Android setvalidating documentbuilderfactory parsers xml javax

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By comparison, with a SAX parser you have to know exactly what you're looking for at the time you parse.Useful if you're unmarshalling JAXB objects or extracting data from a large file, not so useful if you're exploring a data structure.

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A well-formed XML document exhibits a tree-like structure, and can be processed by an XML processor.

Turning on both of these options simultaneously will cause either redundant behavior or error conditions.

xml Pull Parser Namespace Aware(true); xml Pull Parser Validating(false); document Builder Factory = Document Builder Instance(); // XMPP requires namespace awareness document Builder Namespace Aware(true); // slightly normalize document Builder Coalescing(true); document Builder Ignoring Comments(true); document Builder Ignoring Element Content Whitespace(false); // No includes / outbound references document Builder Expand Entity References(false); document Builder Validating(false); } /** * Read a stanza from a xml stream.

Worse still, many of the markup tags are dealing with the appearance of the document (e.g., XML declaration XML comment Root element start-tag (one and only one root) Child element start-tag (with an attribute in name="value" pair) (proper nesting of child elements) Child element end-tag Second child element start-tag Second child element end-tag Third child element start-tag Third child element end-tag Root element end-tag pairs.

The following figure shows the appearance of opening an XML document on a web browser. You can click on the " " and "-" sign to expand and collapse a portion of the tree.

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